Summer Grillin’ 19

Joels was on fire last weekend with its annual summer grill weekend menu. Head Chef Joe created a unique menu that brought smoke and fire to the grill with an array of herbs and spices to create an exciting twist to summer grilling. The menu had a range of mouth-watering dishes. From our delicious seared sirloin steak, served on a bed of baby leaves with lentils and couscous. Offering a fresh, modern alternative steak dish to our pescatarian friendly grilled sea bass, which was cooked in a lemon and chive house butter with roasted cherry tomatoes and minted baby potatoes. Bringing your taste buds to life! The Summer Grill had everyone talking and for all the right reasons.  

Joels team of chefs enjoyed curating these fresh recipes, putting some fire under the menu for a weekend. Our customers enjoyed having fresh new mouth-watering grilling ideas which no doubt they will try to replicate at home.

Summer doesn’t last forever, and unfortunately, neither does grilling season so until next year’s fresh new summer Grill menu that’s a wrap!

If you and your family or friends joined us for our summer grill, we would love to hear about your experience.

Head Chef Joe starting to create his ‘Grill of the week’ dish
Leaving the steak to rest
Our ‘grill of the week’ ready to serve